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Medical Pedicure
(General Podiatric Treatment)

Our clinic offers a unique and dedicated approach to foot care with our renowned medical pedicure services. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to ensuring the health and vitality of your feet through thorough and specialised treatment. Please note that we do not apply nail polish during our medical pedicure sessions, as our primary focus is on the medical aspects of foot care.

What is a Medical Pedicure?

A medical pedicure is a comprehensive foot care service that goes beyond the aesthetics of traditional pedicures. It’s a specialised treatment designed to address various foot issues while promoting overall foot health. Our expert podiatrists and foot care specialists perform medical pedicures with precision and care, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking relaxation and therapeutic benefits.
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Key Benefits of Our Medical Pedicure Services

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Professional Assessment

Our medical pedicures start with thoroughly examining your feet. We identify any existing or potential problems and tailor the treatment accordingly. This assessment is crucial for addressing issues early and preventing future complications.
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Hygienic and Safe

We prioritise hygiene and cleanliness during medical pedicures. All tools and equipment are sterilised to medical standards to ensure safety and well-being throughout the procedure.
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Nail and Cuticle Care

While we DO NOT apply nail polish during our medical pedicures, we trim and shape your nails meticulously in a correct manner. Cuticle care is also included, ensuring your nails are well-maintained.
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Callus and Corn Removal

Our expert technicians are skilled at safely and effectively removing calluses and corns, reducing discomfort and pressure on your feet.
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Exfoliation and Moisturization

We gently exfoliate your feet to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Moisturisation is then applied to keep your skin hydrated.
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Foot Massage

Our medical pedicure includes a soothing foot massage to enhance circulation, reduce tension, and provide relaxation.
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Throughout the treatment, we provide valuable information and tips on caring for your feet at home, ensuring you continue prioritising your foot health.

Why Choose Our Medical Pedicure Services?

Our dedication to providing top-notch medical pedicure services sets us apart:
Podiatry Services Neutral Bay

Experienced professionals

Our team comprises skilled podiatrists and foot care specialists with extensive expertise in addressing foot conditions.

Strict hygiene standards

We adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and sterilisation to guarantee your safety.

Customised care

We tailor our medical pedicures to your foot health needs, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment.

Preventive approach

Our focus on prevention means we help you maintain healthy feet and identify potential issues early.

Let’s work together on your feet for better health and fitness