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A sporting injury can happen to anyone, whether you are an elite athlete or exercise on a regular basis.

If you participate in a sport or have a physically active lifestyle, then you are highly likely to encounter a sporting injury. A Sports Injury is commonly caused by overuse, direct impact, lack of conditioning, or poor training practice such as insufficient warm-up and stretching activities.

Clinical investigation is crucial because leaving an injury untreated can have severe consequences. A variety of sports and exercise routines produce different symptoms and complications due to the complexity of each movement within that sporting activity. Overall, we need to understand the type of sport, movement, medical history and have a thorough assessment of your lower limb movement (Biomechanical assessment).

Prevention is better than a cure, therefore if you have any indication of discomfort or pain, it is highly recommended to investigate that there is no abnormality or malalignment of the body. Once an assessment is made, the issue can be addressed quickly and the severity is reduced.
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