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Welcome to YS Podiatry, the premier podiatry service in your community. We specialise in both foot pain and sports injuries. Crows Nest and Mosman have leading podiatric clinics to help you take every step in foot health.

Why Podiatry is Crucial for Overall Health

Because your feet affect your health and well-being in so many ways, from how you walk to how much you can move around freely, how you feel every day, from your core to the tip of your toes, can be determined by your feet’s condition. Podiatry in Mosman is not only about treating existing issues; many problems can be prevented, in part, by looking after your feet well.

In line with our mission at YS Podiatry, good health is vital to one’s quality of life. And that includes ensuring your feet stay healthy, too. That’s why our clinics’ podiatry teams use the newest methods and find the best treatments by staying abreast of the relevant research and employing proven methods.

Our Services

We provide gender-specific treatment for each patient’s individual needs. Here’s what we offer:

General Foot Care

Along with routine check-ups, we take care of ingrown toenails, fungal infections, corns, and other ailments. Because people suffer pains and foot-related diseases because of genetics and lifestyle, regular foot care can prevent minor issues, save you pain, make your feet more comfortable, and let you walk joyfully.

Sports Podiatry

Sports injuries can sideline Crows Nest and Mosman athletes and active people. Our podiatrists offer sports podiatry services to prevent injuries and rehabilitate sports injuries so you return to your sport quickly and safely, with care and a tailored treatment plan.

Diabetic Foot Care

Foot problems, such as diabetic neuropathy and foot ulcers, play a key role in diabetes. Therefore, YS Podiatry also has a range of treatments to provide Special Care for patients with diabetes. Our clinic offers a personalised journey that will allow you to engage with all the steps of your solution safely and at a comfortable pace.

Children’s Podiatry

Children’s feet grow and develop every day. If there is an issue, it is imperative to detect it early to minimise future foot issues. Our kind, understanding podiatrists have extensive experience dealing with paediatric foot needs.

Orthotics and Bracing

Orthotics are not just shoe inserts. They are customised to correct foot alignment and enhance function. At YS Podiatry, our custom-made orthotics are designed to fit your foot and meet your lifestyle so that you feel comfortable and well-supported.

Expert Podiatrists in Crows Nest & Mosman

Our team of podiatrists at YS Podiatry based in Crows Nest and Mosman has extensive knowledge in foot mechanics and pathology, leading the industry in the podiatric industry. YS Podiatry in Crows Nest or Mosman has excellent locations and facilities to provide the best podiatry services.

Our service philosophy is all about you, the patient. We ask you about your concerns, assess your condition, and then agree on a treatment plan in consultation with you that suits your health needs and fits with your lifestyle. We also educate you so that you learn while you are treated. We want you to be fully informed about your foot problems so that you can participate in decisions regarding your feet with us.

Caring for Your Feet at Home

While podiatric treatment is essential, home foot care is equally important, and we at Podiatry Crows Nest and Podiatry Mosman have a few tips:

Check feet every day: Even a minor injury, like blisters or swollen areas, can lead to infection. Check your feet often, cut your toenails carefully and report any changes or problems to staff.

Proper Footwear: Invest in good-quality, well-fitting shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning.

Hygiene: Wash your feet daily and dry thoroughly, especially between the toes.

Moisturise: Daily moisturiser keeps your skin soft and supple, preventing further cracks and dryness.


Everyone in Crows Nest and Mosman deserves the best foot care, so we provide our podiatric services with a commitment to service excellence. Whether you need a routine pedicure or have a particular foot condition, you can rest assured that your feet are well taken care of and will feel great at YS Podiatry. Pleased feet, happy kicks. You can contact us to book an appointment by visiting our website.